Monthly Archive: September 2021

3 ways in which DARIAH contributes to the EOSC

In the third episode of our EOSC blog series, we touch upon the many ways in which DARIAH contributes to the EOSC. We discuss, what does it mean to contribute to the EOSC federation as a distributed infrastructure and what are the challenges and opportunities we see for DARIAH members.

Open Scholar Stars Series: Interview with Patrik Svensson

In the next episode of our Open Scholar stars series, I am talking with Patrik Svensson, Professor in the Humanities and Information Technology, Umeå University, former Director of HUMlab (2000-2014), and, not least, Chair of the DARIAH Scientific Board. We chat about Digital Humanities and DARIAH, his experiences with Open Access publishing and his new role at the Open Research Europe platform, translating epistemic cultures to infrastructure needs, our COVID afterlife, and many more!

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